Beady birthday presents

I'm a member of an online group called "All About Beads" and it mostly is. I've been a part of this group for over 12 years (in one incarnation or another) - goodness, I didn't realize it's been this long - and, even though I don't bead much these days, I enjoy the company.

Towards the end of last year, I signed up for the "beads for birthdays" program. It's exactly what it sounds like: you fill out a short questionnaire, the coordinator selects partners, you get the name and information of one person to send beads etc. to and somebody gets you. I think mine's the first birthday of the year which didn't give my birthday buddy a whole lot of time to shop and select but (s)he did a wonderful job. The package arrived in plenty of time and I waited patiently until yesterday to unpack everything. Lots of fun!

My birthday buddy obviously had either too much time on her hands and/or a lot of fun wrapping and packing because each kind of bead and just about each strand was packed in its own baggie and each baggie was individually wrapped. The first picture shows everything wrapped and I thought it was almost too pretty to unwrap. Picture 2 shows that each little box held yet more individually wrapped packages.

The next two pictures show the strands and the different kinds of beads I received. Lots of variety, lots of beautiful beads, lots of pearls (one of my favorites), a beautiful big ceramic star button, small scissors (I always need multiples because I have this really bad habit of misplacing things), semi-precious and lots and lots of nailheads (I'm only showing a small portion of them).

And the very last picture is the birthday card my daughter's cat sent me. (I should explain that in our family the animals send cards to family members. My dogs lean towards the tasteless, don't know where they get that from. )

On the inside of the card, she advises me to live life on the edge. Not sure I should follow that advice .................


abeadlady said...

That card is toooo cute! What a stash you got from your B4B. Lucky you. Glad you had such a good day.


GraceBeading said...

HOORAY for the B4B program! Looks like a wonderful stash of goodies.

That card is adorable! I can't resist a cat and kittens - even more so.

mjlayman said...

Now, who do we know who would do so much wrapping? I do know where Beadrageous is, although that may be a false clue.

That's a lovely set of presents. The star looks like Van Gogh, doesn't it?

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you all. Yes, the card is cute (and much more tasteful than the ones the dogs/I pick), the beady stash is more fun than I've had in a quite a while. I have vague ideas on what do do with at least some of the treasures. Love the Van Gogh star. And I have no idea who loves to wrap :-)

Maia said...

What a fun gift, Doris. And I love the card!