They should be ashamed of themselves

This came in the mail this week for Henry and it made me angry. Not only because I'm getting tired of getting mail for him more than 20 months after his death but more so because this is from R.J. Reynolds trying to talk teenagers into using tobacco in one form or another.

So, I sent it back to them with my usual sticker telling them that my son died last year and to please remove him from their mailing list. I started printing those and sending them back to everybody from credit card companies to the Marines. It seems to be working.

This time, though, I also included a handwritten note telling them what I thought of them sending this to a teenager. Sheesh!


mjlayman said...

Wow. Well, he would have been 18 by now, right? I bet they send them to kids as soon as they're "adults."

Henrysmomsmusings said...

He's turning 20 tomorrow, Marilee. Still, it came when he would have still been a teenager.

mjlayman said...

Well, Happy Birthday, Henry.