And the winners are ............

Drum roll, please :-)

Katie B and Grace.
Since neither one of you expressed a preference, would you let me know, please, if you have one or not? And would you email me your addresses, please, too?
Thank you for playing.


GraceBeading said...

Hey... that's me (lucky me)! If Katie doesn't have a preference, I like the second one with the blue just a little bit better which is weird since green is my favorite color.

Thanks so much Doris, I'm off to check out the photos of Henry now

Anonymous said...

Yaaaay, Katie & Grace!

Katie B said...

OHHHH Grace -- you'll let me have the other one??
wheeee thank you !!!!

And thank you Doris.

Doris -- you've made me want to do a pay it forward for your kindness.

off to ponder this !

Doris -- check your email for my address !