Addicted - oh, no!

No, I am not addicted to anything illegal or immoral. And nothing fattening for a change, either.

What I am a little obsessed with these days are thrift stores and old sheets. Vintage, funky, cool, soft, pretty and sometimes simply just old.


The above is a very small sample of what I have collected so far.

What do I do with these sheets? Well, first I wash and dry them, fold them and try to find a place to store them out of the light and out of the way. A little hard to do considering that I also have a considerable fabric stash. And that’s where the “oh, no!” comes in.

But I am buying them with a purpose, they aren’t just meant to sit there and take over the house. Oh, no! I actually cut into them and sew with them.

So far, I’ve made two very big bags and have cut out a few more (did you know that a king sized pillowcase is large enough for one of these bags?). One’s mine (the not so pretty one, I used a marginal sheet to try out the pattern (to be found here), the other is meant for my daughter. I hope she likes it. It’s not as blue as it could have been.


mjlayman said...

I think both bags look great! That's some fabric there, I like the one with off-center circles, particularly.

Doris said...

Thank you, Marilee! Are you talking about the rather wild purple fabric - second picture on the top?

abeadlady said...

Great stash, Doris. As a "collector" of things myself, I can understand the lack of storage space. lol I think your purses just keep improving all the time.

Doris said...

Arline, these are definitely "bags" - they are huge. I need to photograph myself carrying one of those sometime. And I can't take credit for much here, it's a pattern I bought.

mjlayman said...

Yes, the purple fabric!

Annie Bee said...

The purple sheet reminds me of some wild Peter Max sheets I had many years ago, and Marilee...how wonderful to see your post! Annie