Flea market in August

This is my necessary flea market equipment: the cart, a hat (in case the sun comes out), backpack with water bottle and camera and other absolute necessities.

I obviously was quite fascinated by this elderly couple, or rather, by their clothes. Wish I could get away with something this interesting and colorful. Seriously!

The flea market is held monthly on the old Alameda Naval Air Base and it's huge, really. These are some of the buildings we pass on the way back out that are being put to good use these days. Many, many more stand empty and this is just a small sampling of the ones that aren't. The winery, BTW, was featured in the news recently. One that's not located right where the grapes are grown.


Anonymous said...

Is the flower near the top made of hand-made paper? I haven't seen that kind of luggage for a long time!

Marilee (blogger hasn't been letting me post for a long time)

Doris said...

Marilee, if I remember correctly it isn't paper, but something that came out of the sea.

Anonymous said...

Oh! A coral fan!


Katie B said...

::: sigh ::: I want the surfboard :(

Doris said...

Yes, Marilee, I think that's what it is.
Katie, I think you'll have to arm wrestle my husband for it :-)