More bags and changes

I apologize for the worse than usual quality of the pictures. My favorite little camera is busted. It still takes pictures, but the lid for the compartment that holds the batteries doesn't close anymore and so the batteries don't make good contact. I had to hold my thumb on there for dear life to make it work.
I'll miss my little camera, it's been perfect (all the wedding pictures were shot with it), small and, therefore, portable. Even though it only has 5.1 megapixels I have gotten some very good shots with it. We're going to look for a replacement tomorrow. Yes, I have (2) better cameras, but none of them are this convenient.
But, that's not all just yet. My cell phone gave up its ghost on the trip to Denver, too. So, more changes there. Not just a new and much more sophisticated phone (an iPhone, no less) and with it a huge learning curve (and I'm suffering from a serious case of technophobia) and, as if that wasn't enough, a new server which means giving up the plan that included Henry's phone. Yup, I can still call him and listen to his voice, but not for much more than the next couple of days.
I said, there'd be changes, didn't I?
About the bags: some newly made - the last two (same pattern as the ones in the last bag post) - some made a while ago and not shown yet. The first three are from the same pattern (The Practical Bag by Grand Revival Designs). I reduced the size (the pattern makes a really large bag), the red bag is 80% of the original size (possibly a little small for my taste), the other two are 90% and just right. The French bag has been to Denver and back, the other's haven't been used (yet).


Katie B said...

Doris, have you thought about taping the message? silly me, I know I would..... I would have to.
(in fact, true confession time, I have a tape from my dictaphone at work..... from years ago... and if anything ever happens to my sweetie, I have his voice forever...
mucho hugs to you. I'm thinking about you!

Doris said...

Katie, We did, several times. The first time, the recording disappeared when the computer crashed. We or rather Larry did it again but it's not clear, there's static and that's the best we can do :-(

mjlayman said...

Well, maybe that means it's time to let it go.

I like the red with polka dots!

Beady Zoo said...

Love all the bags, but especially the red dots and buggy bags.

Good luck with your camera shopping. Something I need to do as well as phone shopping -- mine died an untimely death in a cup of hot, black coffee (note to self: don't pick up important objects with sleepy, morning fingers). And I completely understand about keeping past voices -- I have some voice-mail messages that are 8-13 years old and hesitate to change phone service because I will lose them.

While blog hopping this morning, I came across another flea market aficionado: http://lalanla.blogspot.com/2010/08/long-awaited-event.html

Thought you might enjoy the post.

Doris said...

How funny, Kathy, that's the exact flea market I go to every month and I recognize all the stalls she shows. I own lots of those buttons myself and have made a few into bracelets.

mjlayman said...

I have lots of buttons from my grandmother (and keep them in a metal chocolate box) and I look every now and then thinking I'll use them, but I just put them back in the box. They have too many memories for me.

Pat said...

That aqua bag is a stunner. All of them are wonderful but I am so attracted to color that that is where my eye goes.
I was reading about your daughter's wedding. It reminded me that my sister officiated at my son's wedding. She was very sick at the time and my son wanted her so much to do it. The tears we all cried was because life is so special and short.
Your daughter is very lovely and I am sure an absolute joy to your heart.

Doris said...

Thank you, Pat.
Having your sister officiate at your son's wedding must have been so very special.