September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day

And the editor published my letter here:


I only write about once a year. Henry didn't have a very high opinion of people who wrote to newspaper editors. He wouldn't appreciate it. And I wouldn't do this if things were different.

I mostly recycled last year's (blog and FB) info and added a bit: warning signs and risk factors.


mjlayman said...

I didn't know a lot of those statistics.

The anniversary of Katrina has made me think more of a friend who'd been depressed her whole life, I think. She got her cats and herself out before the storm and spent a year out before she went back. A week after she went back to New Orleans, I got a call from her sister -- I was on the list. My friend had found good homes for her cats and killed herself.

I don't know that I could have done anything about that -- she hadn't told me she was so close to suicide -- but it still hurts me.

Doris said...

Marilee, I am so very sorry about your friend's death. I doubt you could have done anything, especially if she didn't tell you how bad she was feeling. I hope the pain goes away eventually, may well take quite a while. Suicide leaves a hole of a different nature :-(