So much for getting out early this morning - and so much for having a quiet breakfast. Jerry (the little dog) alerted me to balloons and since they were close enough for good pictures this time, I just had to go for it.

Ballooning is a big thing for tourists here, almost as popular as wine tasting. The valley is narrow, so we can see them no matter where they go but the most interesting times, of course, are when they fly over or land on the East side of the valley. My big dogs go totally bonkers and even the little dog who couldn't possibly harm anyone no matter how hard he tried has started growling and barking at them.
These pictures were taken between spoonfuls of cereal and sips of tea :-) It didn't take long for both ballons to land, the people to climb out of the baskets and for the crew to deflate and fold up the balloons and drive everything away.


Anonymous said...

My brother had a balloon before he got married -- he used to enter the local contests and such. They're a lot of fun to watch.

Henry's Mom said...

They are tremendous fun to watch - but I wouldn't go up in one. Nevermind that they have a really good safety record here, it still scares me. I don't like flying, either.