Sick dogs

Little Jerry ended up at the vet's on Wednesday because, for the second time in a week, he's had a strange wad of something in his fur on one cheek. Turns out he's been scratching badly enough to cause his skin to bleed and the wad was a scab. A cortisone shot, antibiotics and ointment are all that's necessary to take care of this - except it's rather difficult to get him to swallow his pills and he still wants to scratch and, obviously, I cannot watch him 24/7.

Last night, the vet called with the results of Maggie's (she's the blonde in the second picture - and, no, neither one of them is squinty eyed, that was the sun) bloodwork: there's something wrong with her liver values (I know that's the wrong term but it'll have to do for now), indicating that she either has an infection or worse (meaning possibly cancer). So, antibiotics for her, too, plus another med - all of which I have to pick up later this morning. Another blood test in 4 weeks and then we'll find out a week after that if the meds helped or not and go from there.


Anonymous said...

Well, if Jerry keeps scratching, they can put the cone of annoyance on him. I hope they're both better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hope your puppies are better fast. Hugs,Ida