Gem and Mineral Show

On Saturday, we went to a Gem and Mineral Show at Fort Mason in San Francisco. This is a fairly small show (which is held only once a year in this location) compared to the Gem and Jewelry Show in San Mateo which is held 4 times a year. Very different and often very interesting vendors. I didn't buy much this year, a few tools for wirework, some kumihimo supplies (I've been wanting to learn for years and haven't made it yet, even though I have supplies and books) and, best of all, six beautiful clasps from Jess Imports which I got at half-price or less. I know the picture only shows 5 - that's because the sixth is domed (old Venetian glass) and absolutely refuses to lie flat on the scanner. I need to play with the new camera a lot before I feel confident enough to take good close-ups.

We drove over the Golden Gate to get to Fort Mason and I was very apprehensive about that. It's the first time we've gone this way since last May and we did slow down when we approached lamp post 47. But it worked, we can do it.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it over the bridge and back. Those are very nice clasps! What kind of scanner are you using?

Henry's Mom said...

We have an HP scanjet 5400c, have had it for quite a few years. And I put a dark placemat on top of the clasps for contrast.