Phishing season?

Yesterday, I got one of those phishing e-mails through paypal (and forwarded it on).
This morning, I got two. The first was run-of-the-mill - I supposedly sold somebody something, they paid me, never got whatever they bought and were now going to report me. I sent it on the ebay to deal with.
The second one was clever - it came from the Royal Bank of Canada and assured me that they were looking forward to taking care of my investments just as soon as I updated my account info because, apparently, somebody has fraudulently asked for customers' personal details. I thought that was pretty inspired - pretending to follow up on a phishing e-mail and hoping to get my account info that way. Gotta give them points for ingenuity!


Anonymous said...

Somebody tried to give me a virus today for the first time in a while. These usually come in batches.

Henry's Mom said...

It seems like that to me, too. It's either lots of those emails or none at all. How did you know it was a virus?

Anonymous said...

My mail software, Agent, is set to stop viruses and let me decide whether I want the mail cleaned or not. So far, I've always had it cleaned.

Most mail software will do that -- AOL's mail system is particularly bad in general.