More chain maille

It's what Pooh Bear would call a "blustery day" - good for doing chain maille and playing on the computer. So, I finally scanned most of my other chain maille.

Picture one is of chains made in classes: the top is open round chain maille, my very first class; next is byzantine diamond (an original design by Colin Mahler), my second class, not difficult per so, but a bit awkward (tight spaces) and the last one is butterfly chain, a pretty fast weave. This one is done with 3 different ring sizes which shows the design better than a single size would.

In the second image are bracelets I made from kits: Mobius chain; Romanov, a byzantine variation; and double spiral - a design a really like.

The third image is a mix: the top is parallel or helm chain (made from a kit), the middle is double helm, another class; and the bottom is flower chain, a kit from Urbain Maille (http://www.urbanmaille.com/), one of my favorite suppliers.

I'm still debating whether to oxidize any or all of these but there's time.


Anonymous said...

I like the butterfly and the byzantine diamond best!

Henry's Mom said...

Those are my favorites, too.