Mayor's committee: no ugly suicide barrier on the bridge

This was on the morning news today and in the Chronicle as well. Not what we need at this point.
I don't think these people get it :-(


Putting architects, engineers and artists in charge of life and death decisions seems very sensible to me - NOT.

And this is what the editorial, also in the Chronicle said:

Newsom's bridge bungle

I only just found this now - 3 hours or so after I posted the first link, so I'm editing madly today :-)


abeadlady said...

How sad that our elected officials care so little about human life. To put aesthetics above lives is such a travesty.

mjlayman said...

Well, the good news is that the Mayor has nothing to do with the bridge. The bad news is that his opinion/committee may be taken into account. The comments are the usual.