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First, a link to an article about tolls being raised on the Golden Gate - yet again.
Golden Gate Bridge toll climbs to $6 Tuesday PressDemocrat.com The Press Democrat Santa Rosa, CA
I'm concerned that this will be tied to the decision about a suicide barrier in some way - lack of funds. I have a few suggestions, but I'm keeping those to myself.

I'm feeling quite virtuous today. I finished 5 more box bags, leaving 6 more to go. And I haven't cut out any new ones. I'm trying to finish up what I started so I can go on to another project - something I already bought fabric for.
Last night, I cooked - totally from scratch. And I've done a lot of that lately, mostly things using fresh veggies. Last night, though, I made pesto from scratch. I am growing lots of basil and wanted to use some up before it becomes totally overgrown. Since it took me a good 30 minutes just to wash and dry the basil leaves, I almost decided never, ever to do that again. But the end result was so good that I changed my mind. Except, next time I will use just one clove of garlic like the recipe says and not three.
We had gone out the night before to a newly discovered pizza place and tried their version of penne with pesto. Pretty good, but Larry liked mine better. Must have been the parmesan (or the garlic). I have to agree, though, mine was more flavorful.

The mail man brought 2 packages and UPS brought another. So, I'm all set with zippers (found a less expensive source than the fabric store on the web), fabric (more trouble on the web than going to the local quilt store) and soap base (I had used up everything I had on Monday).
The little dog goes slightly bonkers when somebody knocks on the front door (mail man) and really bonkers when somebody rings the doorbell (UPS). Quite funny, actually. He's much too small (and cute) to do anybody any harm even if he wanted to.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, homemade pesto! You're really working between cooking and sewing!