Remembering special days and events

Reading a post by a friend of mine got me thinking ............
She wrote about remembering 9/11 and asked in her post, "Where were you?" She also mentioned remembering the day John F. Kennedy was shot. While I remember both of those quite well and the feelings that went with them, obviously, I remember 9/11 much better. I was 8 when JFK died.
It made me think of other memorable things, though. Being German, something totally different came to my mind.
I still remember when the wall between East and West Germany went up. I was much too young to really understand what it meant, but I do remember being quite scared having heard in the news that because of that wall families ended up being separated. Made me stick very close to home for quite a while, until somebody explained to me exactly what was going on.
And I also remember the day that same wall came back down. My son was born that year, we were busy trying to apply for a passport for him so we could visit family and my father had just been diagnosed with cancer and all the excitement of a united Germany was overshadowed by those news.
So, what do you remember?

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mjlayman said...

I've told these so many times. Let me give you a poem written by my late friend Mike Ford -- each line came from a news account of 9/11:

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