Christine Craft's view on a suicide barrier

I just had an email from Patrick Hines. His son is one of the very few people to have survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge and both of them are very active and determined to get that suicide barrier built on the bridge.
Recently, Patrick wrote to Christine Craft (a former TV personality and now radio personality - Christine Craft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and here is her response:

"no suicide barrier...if someone wants to jump....it's not your business..nor shoud the bridge be mucked up"

Obviously, a very caring person - NOT! And obviously ill-informed about suicide in general and bridge suicides in particular.


Beady Zoo said...

Unfortunately, some people have no compassion or soul, and many others are clueless. Thank goodness for those who do care, and care enough to try to do something to prevent further tragedies.
Kathy B

Katie B said...

Ahh Craft -- the subject of the Eagles song.
The lyrics ring true.

What a uncaring, unfeeling person.

abeadlady said...

Pure ignorance is the phrase that pops into my mind after reading your post. I only pray that no one in her family ever commits suicide and makes her eat those crass, uncaring words. I would hope they didn't haunt her until her dying day. Unfortunately, there will always be those in this world unable to learn from others' misfortune. Keep up the good work. There are many of us with you.


bubba said...

to dearest darlingest Katie B...yo are right..I did inspire an Eagles song..but not the one you think..

ever hear of dirty laundry..my battles against sexism and bs in t.v. news inspired that song..

hint ...a positive thing..another hint..you can't stop someone from living their own life and dying as they choose..the Golden Gate Bridge District does not have the money to muck up the bridge with nets and barriers..There are many situations where killing onself is profoundly NOT A tragedy..Those of you constantly saying you are soooo compassionate in forcing someone to live when they no longer wish to...are most likely blubbering around in pools of guilt..your own guilt for making them want to jump in the first place. as far as praying for my family and moi re suicide...can your prayers..I don't believe in your mythical big daddy in the sky with the big deeeep voice.

Katie B said...

Ahh Christine -- I'm much smarter than you think --- I knew EXACTLY who you were/are.

I speak ONLY for myself.

First of all, we are not going to (to use your words) "muck up" this blog.
If you want to comment to ME, write to me on one of MY entries.
Heck, I'll even start one for you to respond to.
Follow me and let's get this started and ended, ok ?