Laundry days

Strange title for a blog post, isn't it?
I got a new washer and dryer a few weeks ago and even though the hook ups in our house are obviously backwards and the doors would open into each other if we hadn't had the dryer door switched (can't do it with the washer door so it's still awkward), I love them. Not only do they do a great job on the laundry (I won't bore you with details), but they play "twinkle toe" music when the cycle is done. I've never had appliances entertain me musically before. Usually, they make rude noises at me. I much prefer this.


Maia said...

Doris, I got a new washer and dryer when we moved this summer, and also love them! My washer also plays music to me when done. It still makes me smile. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

My rice cooker plays different music when it starts (because you can set a start timer) and when it stops. And I found out a friend has a smoke detector that talks to her!