More Golden Gate Bridge Deaths

This wasn't how I was planning on coming back .............. but somebody or something had a different idea than I did.
Yesterday morning, I received an email from Mary Currie, the spokeswoman for the Golden Gate Bridge Authority informing me of the progress that is being made with regard to a suicide barrier. Yes, the net was approved, yes, there are studies being done and reports being completed but the important thing, the thing that would really make a difference isn't happening yet. Here's a short piece of the email she sent out:

"The Final EIR/FONSI (Environmental Impact Report/Finding of No Significant Impact) is anticipated to be completed and released in May 2009. Upon completion of the document the District Board of Directors (Board) will be asked to vote to certify the document and adopt the project. We will advise you as to when this matter will be scheduled to come before the Board for action. Before Caltrans, acting for the Federal Highway Administration, can adopt the FONSI, the project will need to be included in the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Transportation Improvement Plan.

The preliminary estimates for the build alternatives is $50 million. The commencement of final design and construction is contingent upon the timing of anticipated project funding. Board policy prohibits the use of toll funds."

Any other day, I would have been quite happy that any kind of progress is being made, but yesterday afternoon I saw a note by a young facebook friend of mine - she sounded upset and when I asked told me that the father of a friend of hers had jumped from the bridge. This is the second bridge death she has to deal with in the last 15 months. I'd already written about a schoolfriend of Henry's visiting the bridge for the first time since his death and having to witness a suicide. The daughter of the journalist we talked to for the article in San Francisco Magazine (Gone | San Francisco online) knew 4 people who had jumped to their deaths, all during her 4 years of high school.

Makes me wonder how many more people will have to die before the money for the net is found and construction finally, finally begins. You'd think that close to 2,000 people are enough.


Nicole said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I live in Boston, didnt lose anyone on the bridge, but have been writing letters, signing petitions and following the progress of the safety net. I only wish I could work harder, or others would open their eyes so that these senseless deaths could be prevented. Your strength leaves me humbled.

mjlayman said...

I think many people only feel strongly about people they know personally or see in person. It says a lot about who we are.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Nicole, I am grateful for all you've done. I firmly believe that all the signatures on the petitions, the comments left, the votes cast made a huge difference.
Thank you!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Human nature, Marilee.