How about some color after the last post? There are pansies, lilacs, a new columbine.

The gardenia that turned out to be an azalea. The leaves look just the tiniest bit similar and since the gardenias have never done well, we are considering replacing all of them with white azaleas. Not anytime soon, we're in the process of digging out the potato vines and I doubt I can talk DH into another major job right now. One of two alstromerias. Love the flowers on them

This is the posy of tiny roses a friend gave me for Easter. Fragrant roses!

Rainbows (or, rather, the same rainbow twice) and a foggy morning that turned into an absolutely gorgeous day.


mjlayman said...

I love lilacs! We tend to get some kind of mold thingie on them here in Virginia, though.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Mine came and went almost too fast this year. The yard smelled heavenly, but I only clipped some for a vase twice before they were past their prime.