Finally sewing

This, too, wasn't what I planned to post today. I really meant to do a post entitled "green" - after all I spent a good 15 minutes traipsing around the wet garden taking pictures.
Instead of editing oodles of pictures of vegetation, though, I sewed - finally. Not only sewed, but finished a whole project.

Last night, I downloaded and printed a tutorial - aspoonfullofsugargirls - A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR - for a loyalty wallet. This morning, the first blog post I read was this: Bloom: March of the loyalty cards.

I think that was a sign, don't you? So, I went through my pile of scraps, cut, fused, sewed and this is what I came up with. I'm quite pleased with it and since it's such a quick and fun project, there'll be more, no doubt.


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love your wallet Doris!! The heart shaped button finishes it off perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's cool! I don't keep that many loyalty cards and mine fit in my regular wallet.

Beady Zoo said...

That is so cute! and practical, too. Great way for you to get back to sewing.
Kathy B
(will we still get to see "green" pictures?)

Katie B said...

"Fused" -- are you fusing initial seams, or fusing rather than doing seams?
I have been struggling with fuse material -- it bunches and is somewhat difficult (for me) to work with!
That wallet is so nice!
The heart makes it !