Another trip to San Francisco

Just a few pictures from the ferry trip to San Francisco last weekend. Beautiful day, right before a heat wave and I finally got to try chilaquiles from Primavera. Last time, I stood in line for 10 minutes or more before somebody came to tell all of us they had sold out of the chilaquiles. This time, I ate lunch first. Delicious! That'll be my lunch from now on. Unless, it's raining, then it'll probably be Out the Door (the take away section of Slanted Door.)

One of the stores inside the Ferry Building.
My favorite herb vendor at the farmers market.
Primavera - freshly made Mexican food.
My husband's favorite sausage seller - Aidell's.
Lots of flowers.
The big ferry, they have smaller ones, too. We seem to ride the same one there and back because the personnel is always the same. It's crowded on the way into the city, much less so on the way back.


Katie B said...

That looks like so much fun!
Our trip through SF several years ago didn't allow that much.
We spent the evening down at the wharf but we were pooped at the end of the night!
The food vendors looked yummy!

Anonymous said...

"Tasty Saled Pig Parts" -- is that like chitlins?

The DC Eastern Market opened up again yesterday two years after a fire. They put it back the way it was 200 years ago, but with new stuff.

Beady Zoo said...

Oh, I miss the ferries so much! and Bruce Aidell's sausages. Looks like it was a great day for your excursion.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

The food was good, Katie.
Don't think they are chitlins, Marilee. I need to check next time.
Kathy, it was, nice weather, not too crowded, good food and lots of pirates. Vallejo had a Pirate Festival and there were several on the ferry going back home. Fun to watch.