I'm losing it

No, not my mind, thankfully. At least, I hope not.
No, the ability to do yoga properly. I think I need to explain a bit. I've been doing yoga off and on - more off than on - for many years, since I was 17, actually. I've taken classes in 2 countries and 2 states and have practiced at home, also more off than on. I got into it again seriously after I had hurt my arm 9 years ago and was unable to do much of anything. Anti-inflammatories didn't help, physical therapy didn't, by the time the problem was correctly diagnosed a few years later, I was doing better, thanks to lots of yoga and, I suppose, time which really does heal.
About 8-1/2 years ago, somebody recommended I see a yoga teacher who had helped her tremendously. This woman, who has become a very good friend, works miracles - really :-) She is trained as a yoga therapist and actually interviews prospective students (she doesn't call them patients, even though some definitely are). We hit it off immediately and I was a very good student for 6 years, 1 class a week, regular practice at home. My arm improved tremendously, I became quite flexible, learned to meditate, loved it all.
And then Henry died. Yoga went onto the back burner. Sure, I practiced occasionally, whenever something hurt, but not enough to make any forward progress. By now, I can tell I'm losing flexibility, I still don't practice much and my friend gently reminded me 2 weeks in a row that I need to practice more. No, she doesn't nag, and, yes, she couches it in very positive language: you've done so well and if you'd just practice a bit more, you could get to the next level. (There always is a next level in yoga, never an end.)
So, how do I do that? I seem to be totally incapable of maintaining a regular practice. I could, of course, blame Jerry who thinks I'm there for his amusement and whenever I end up on the floor, I'm only there to play with him. But that's not really it, although it does make a difference. Do I schedule regular time slots just for a few asanas? Do I do "yoga bits" - an asana here and there whenever I can? I'm working on it, but, so far, not so good.
The picture, BTW, is Henry at about 6-1/2 months working on his downward dog.


Anonymous said...

You have to figure out what works best for you. But it probably does include some yoga, you know that helps you.

abeadlady said...

Good for you. Doing any kind of exercise is wonderful. Do what makes you feel better.

Beady Zoo said...

If yoga can be done in bits, maybe between sewing project segments (between stitching & pressing, between cutting & stitching, etc. And do it when Jerry's napping after a big meal and his own strenuous exercise ;-)

You CAN do this! We know you can, and if you tell us what you're planning, we can gently remind you too.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you all for the support and the votes of confidence. I'm working on it. Did well yesterday, not so well today, probably because of the trip to the ocean. Always harder to fit in a regular routine when I'm busy already.