Adventures in sewing

I've been sewing - again. Bags - again. The reddish sling bag is my own pattern. I'd seen a bag I liked on the web but couldn't find an exact pattern. So, I started with a Vogue pattern and changed it so much that it doesn't resemble it any longer at all. I like that bag, it's the right size for me, it hangs nicely from the shoulder, it only has one strap, so nothing can slip off. What I will change for the next one is the interfacing; I think this one needs to be pretty stiff, even stiffer than stiff interfacing. So, it's time I dug out the pellon for the next one. The other thing it sort of needs is a magnetic snap. Even though it sits right under the arm and stays closed that way, a snap would be nice. But, until this morning, I'd never done a magnetic snap. They scared me. I had visions of multiple holes in the fabric, crooked closures.
So, this morning I worked on the Amy Butler bag on the right. Her pattern, her fabric, no originality at all. But it specified a magnetic snap as a closure, so I surfed the web yesterday, read instructions and quite successfully inserted a snap.

In my search for help with the snap yesterday, I came across this tutorial: You SEW Girl: How to insert the best magnetic snaps ever. It worked and I have the pictures to prove it :-) I used interfacing before I inserted the prongs and another double layer of interfacing over the prongs so they won't damage the fabric by rubbing through. No more fear of magnetic snaps!
Now I need to get out into the garden and plant a few new things I bought yesterday in between bouts of rain.


abeadlady said...

Love the fabric on your creation. Nice work. Don't you love it when you learn how to do something new?


Anonymous said...

Oh, very nice! And a new skill! We're having rain, too, and the Potomac is up enough to keep people out of normally safe waters.

GraceBeading said...

oooooh, they are both pretty, but I especially like 'your' bag. Bravo on mastering the magnetic snap too, good for you!

Katie B said...

How wonderful that you took a pattern and changed it all about and made it your own!
I took a drawing and make my own doll pattern out of it -- it is what I am working on for BFAC. I must get some pictures up !
Your sewing is so varied!