Fort Campbell suspends regular duties in favor of suicide prevention training

This morning, the local TV station I watch ran this through on the bottom of the screen. I managed to find the story online.
I found it interesting because just recently one of the members of the Bridge Rail Foundation was invited to speak at Quantico about just this and just two weeks ago, I was discussing the rising rate of suicide in the military with another member of the BRF who works in a veteran's home nearby.


abeadlady said...

I'm so glad they are addressing this problem. After going through combat, the last thing these soldiers deserve is having to deal with having these feelings and having no where to turn.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we get a lot (Oh! Rain!) of coverage of military suicides here because we have so many military folk. Did you see the bit about the Chinese suicide jumper?

Henrysmomsmusings said...

I am, too, Arline, it's so important.
Marilee, yes, I saw that bit on the news - unbelievable!