A new petition

Dayna Whitmer of the Bridge Rail Foundation started another petition to be submitted to legislators soon. So far, not very many signatures but a couple of pretty important ones: one is a man from New Zealand who is a co-designer of the suicide barrier on the Grafton Bridge (which had a barrier that was removed, at which time suicides increased fivefold. A new barrier was constructed very quickly after that.), the other is Richard Seiden whose study we always quote when we explain to people who say, "If you put up a barrier, they'll just go somewhere else to take their lives." just how wrong they are. He identified 515 people who had been prevented from jumping and found that only 6% went on to take their lives and on 2 people went back to the bridge.
So, please add your signature to the petition.

Thank you!


mjlayman said...

Signed! I'll put it in my LJ today, too.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you, Marilee!