Rodeo Beach - again

Checklist for beach visit:

wear sunscreen - check
wear hat, no matter how stupid it looks - check
collect beach glass - check
look for rocks with holes - not so much
watch surfers - check
talk to lots of dogs frolicking on the beach - check
take pictures of marine life - check
take pictures of marine layer - check
avoid stepping on dead birds - check
support husband while he fishes debris out of inappropriate footwear - check
watch whole classes of school children march up hill and back down again à la Duke of York's men (and forget to take picture) - check
deeply inhale fresh sea air - check
forget all other rubbish - check
make plans for return trip - check
I'd call that a successful trip to the ocean.


abeadlady said...

I am soooo hungry to get to the beach. I haven't been there since last summer. Have to go get my ocean fix soon. Nice pics.

mjlayman said...

Yep, sounds like fun! I can't walk on uneven surfaces, so I like looking at your pictures.