Busy week

This week seems to be so much busier than usual, probably because of the holiday on Monday.
I had my second bead embroidery class on Tuesday (picture to follow eventually), went out to lunch with some of the other women in class afterwards. Tried Puerto Rican food for the first time, even plantains. I'll be going back for more.
Wednesday was mostly errands, this morning dentist (bad planning on my part because today is also my 33rd wedding anniversary and I sure hope the novocaine will have worn off by dinnertime).
Tomorrow evening, we're handing out another scholarship. Have to get flowers in the morning, because, for the first time, the recipient is female, kind of nice. Our list of criteria calls for somebody going into computer science, among quite a few other things, and that's usually a young man.
Saturday, shopping, mostly in Berkeley (more supplies for bead embroidery and storage and a bit of linen-like fabric from Stonemountain and Daughter) and no plans for Sunday. I think by then I'll be ready for a really quiet day.


mjlayman said...

Happy Anniversary! Good news about the girl getting the scholarship, too!

I make a week-long list of what I have to do the week before and I started out with four days this week that I got to stay home. Now I'm down to three, and one of those may have someone coming over. No fair.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you, Marilee!
I'm not that organized. I make vague plans of what to do when but keep an open mind in case something else comes up. But I do like my days at home with no plans. I definitely need those and, you, obviously, like those, too.

abeadlady said...

Happy Anniversary! I often make plans for the days I'm at home, but seldom follow them. Very impulsive, I am. LOL

Katie B said...

You've been vrey busy !!