gone going gone everything gone give a damn

Title courtesy of Jack Johnson. He does words a lot better than I do.

Dear Henry,

It’s been two years today since you died. We still miss you more than you can imagine – more than I ever thought I’d miss anybody. And we still wonder, still ask ourselves many, many questions. We still talk about what happened, not daily anymore, but very often because we still can’t figure it all out. We did get some answers from a couple of the kids you hung with. No, they didn’t come forward on their own, I contacted them. Didn’t much like the answers, but they make sense and, in a strange way, and after being very angry for a few weeks, I am more at peace now.

You are still in my thoughts every day, though, not as the first thought that goes through my mind every morning.

We’ll be on the bridge again today, well-behaved this time. We were well-behaved the last two times, too, we just …………… oh, well, nevermind.

Last mass for you this morning. I know you wouldn’t have appreciated those, but I needed them. Not so much anymore.

But, no matter what, you’ll be forever in our hearts.



Beady Zoo said...

Big, warm, engulfing hugs for you today ...

Can't say anything else ...

abeadlady said...

My heart is with you. Many hugs.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Thank you, both, so much! ♥

maia said...

I was on the bridge on the 9th, and stopped to take a moment to remember many of the stories you've shared with us over the years about Henry, and to mourn with the family and friends he left behind. Please know you're in my heart. Hugs to you, Doris.