A Beady Contest

I am trying to clean out my house and have discovered that I have more beads than I will be able to use in this lifetime. So, I came up with the idea of a contest with beads as prizes. It's very easy, no beading involved. All you have to do is guess correctly what is shown in the above picture. You will have a week to either leave a comment here with your answer (I'm moderating comments, so it will not show up on the blog), e-mail me your answer or e-mail it to me through All About Beads (considering that most of you reading this will belong to that group, anyway) - All About Beads. I will post this in the contest section on All About Beads as well.

I am hoping that there will be more than one correct answer because I have plenty of beads to go around. The winner(s) will have to tell me her or his favorite colors, what kind of beads they use or do not use and I will try to accommodate. Please notice that I said "try" -- no promises.

Cheating is allowed -- you can ask other people for help, surf the Web or do whatever it takes to try and find the right answer.

Good luck and have fun guessing!

Added on 7 March 2008: The contest is over. I had 18 correct guesses: an artichoke flower. The beads have been sent. Thank you all for playing.


Anonymous said...

Madly infected toes! LOL

Henry's Mom said...

Nice try, Marilee :-)

Adriana said...
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