China Town

We hadn't been to China Town (in San Francisco) for over a year and, with the weather as beautiful as it has been lately, we decided to go on Saturday. I brought my camera along hoping that in addition to finding some cool silk bags I'd find interesting things to photograph. It sort of worked. My street scenes didn't work out well but I found a few pictures I like.
The first picture is the gate at the entrance to China Town, the next is a street sign I found unexpectedly, the sign for a monastery on the second floor of the Bank of America building, the inside of a shop (and I haven't a clue what any of those bulk items are. I know there's ginseng in there but the rest is anybody's guess.) and last one of my favorite places there: the Fortune Cookie Factory. You really have to know where to look for it because it's in an alley, there are no signs to direct you to it but it's well worth the trip.
We'll be going back, there are more goodies and more cookies to be bought and, hopefully, better pictures to be taken.


Anonymous said...

Oh, nice and bright out there! We've been gloomy and cold.

Henry's Mom said...

Yes, it has been nice and bright and warm for a little over a week - nothing but rain before. It seemed like a good idea to do a day trip. Today, it's very windy, a good day to clean out the bead room :-)