The Bridge Rail Foundation

Yesterday, I wrote to the BridgeRail Foundation - http://www.bridgerail.org/ - just a short letter telling them about what happened to us and that we've been writing to various newspapers to raise a bit of awareness about the need for a suicide barrier and how there have been quite a few hurtful, callous and insensitive comments to our letters. Even the Golden Gate Bridge Authority sends out responses addressed to "Dear Interested Party." I just received a very nice email in response and it had me in tears. Finally somebody who cares!


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's great! I wonder how they would make a rail that a determined person couldn't get over, that was still safe for workers.

Henry's Mom said...
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Henry's Mom said...

The original design included a suicide barrier. There have been several studies done over the years and every time it was decided to do nothing. There are several design possibilities and the whole subject is very controversial. We've written letters to several Bay Area newspapers (to the editor) and have been verbally attacked in response to them.
http://www.ggbsuicidebarrier.org/ This is a link to the study progress. And here is another link of interest (to us, anyway):
I joined a group on facebook about the suicide barrier that grew from 22 people or so when I joined to over 500 just recently when a 17-year-old girl jumped at the end of January. Most of the new members are friends of her and her family. Seems that people change their mind about this once they've experienced the death of a loved one.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I suppose people change their minds when something comes close to them. It's too bad they can't act on facts earlier.