Frustration ...... and success

Yesterday, I started a new chain. I found a weave I liked in a book on chain maille, ordered the rings - but never bothered to read the description or instructions. It's an advanced weave! Oops! I've only been mailling since late October.
It started out real easy - connect 2 rings to 2 other rings for a total of 10 rings (first picture). Easy, right? Part 2 was easy as well - fold back the outermost rings à la Byzantine (second picture). Then it got difficult - connect 2 units like that. While I understood the concept, I couldn't get the units to stay in place. They'd twist and turn, fall open and just absolutely refuse to cooperate.

Finally - after an hour of absolute frustration - it dawned on me that I needed paperclips - lots of paperclips. So, now the paperclips hold the rings in place while I connect the individual units. Picture 3 shows 2 units successfully connected. Yes!!!!!

Picture of finished chain/bracelet to follow eventually.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to figure out what those colored loops were! I'm looking forward to the picture1

Henry's Mom said...

Those colored loops make it a pretty wild chain, don't they? :-) Two-tone is colorful enough for me.

KatieLiz said...

Necessity is the mother of invention, for sure! Good on you for finding a solution.