It's mustard season

It's mustard season again and I just had to take pictures. Supposedly, this year it's not quite as good as in other years - the mustard, that is - because of all the rain we had last month. But I still found plenty of yellow to photograph.

I'm also including a link to the Napa Valley Mustard Festival - Napa Valley Mustard Festival - A Sensational Season of Wine Country Events. I was hoping they'd have some information about the why's and how's but they don't :-(

I do know that mustard grows all over the valley and definitely in all the vineyards between the rows of vines. It is dug into the ground when the bloom is over and, if I remember correctly, is good for the soil. I noticed yesterday that it smells quite sweet and attracts vast amounts of gnats. I had to wave off huge clouds of them as I was taking pictures at the Yountville Crossroad.

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Anonymous said...

I've never seen that much mustard all together! I always saw it in cracks of pavement and such.