Winter morning

I just took little Jerry out for his first bathroom break of the day and found that the lawn was very "crunchy" - all the rain we had yesterday lent itself to a heavy coat of ice.
The weather report this morning warned of black ice - they just didn't mention it was all over my deck as well.
And there was a nice fog bank at the bottom of the hills again - I have a strange fascination with fog banks :-) - so I went back for my camera. This one isn't as clearly defined as the ones I took a few weeks ago (before I started blogging) but it'll have to do.


Anonymous said...

Jerry's so cute! We were supposed to get a "wintry mix" last night and today and a couple of times in the night, the cats and I all woke up because there was ice hitting our window. It changed to rain, but the roads are wet and they should freeze in some places soon.

Henry's Mom said...

I hope it is just rain and doesn't turn to snow or more sleet.
I used to find rain during the night so comforting - not anymore. That last big storm with its strong winds and heavy rain cured me of that :-)
But isn't it nice to cuddle up with a cat or dog?

Anonymous said...

Yep, the kitties are very good at snuggling, although sometimes I have to apologize and move them so I can roll over.