Bags, bags and more bags

I seem to be spending a lot of time at the sewing machine - when I'm not standing over a kitchen counter measuring and drafting patterns and cutting out fabric. Yes, I decided to try my hand at making my own pattern. Haven't found the exact right and perfect one yet but I think I'm headed in the right direction.

The first bag is out of a Japanese magazine. It's cute and that's the problem. I don't do cute. It's also too small for my taste.

The next bag is my own pattern, the very first one. It is nice but a little boring, I think. Not the choice of fabric but the proportions. I like the width on the bottom but it needs to be narrower at the top (I'm working on it).

The last one is too narrow, I think. The top part is good, but the rest needs to be wider.

And that's what happens when I try to design. I don't know how other people do that, how many "wrong" versions they go through before they arrive at the perfect design/pattern, but in my case it's taking a little while.

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I like the silhouette of the third bag best.