An unexpected gift

Today's mail brought a package, completely unexpected. I recognized the name but didn't expect what was inside - the most exquisite beaded doll I have ever seen made for me by a friend who is an amazine bead artist.
I haven't taken pictures yet but, luckily, Grace did.
Of course, there were tears at first at the unexpected kindness. I have been so blessed over the last year and a half, so many new people have come into my life, all good people, kind people, most of whom I probably would never have met or gotten close to if it hadn't been for Henry's death. I am so grateful to them all, grateful for the emails, the letters, cards, the visits, the flowers, the prayers, the opportunity to just talk and talk until I was all talked out, the advice, the unexpected gifts. I know I can ever repay them but I hope they all know how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate all they have done for me.
Grace, thank you! Your doll is beautiful, I love the colors, the design, the little ruffle on the back and especially the hair! It reminds me a bit of dreadlocks and makes me wish I hadn't just gotten a haircut :-)

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful doll! Wonderful work, Grace!