A very nice etsy seller

In early September, I ordered 2 pendants from an etsy seller. After almost 3 weeks had passed and I hadn't received them yet, I contacted her and was given a tracking number. According to the Post Office, my pendants had been processed on September 18 in Oakland and that's what it said day after day.
Last Friday, I called the Post Office for the second time and got the run around. By then, "processed" had been updated to "processed and left Oakland on September 18."
So, I wrote to the etsy seller and explained. She wrote back immediately and said she'd send replacements. I am still gobsmacked that she offered to do this without a second thought.
I will definitely check her offerings again because I am all in favor of supporting nice people.

Here's a link to her etsy shop:

Etsy :: AnnieHowes :: Etsy Customers Make Me Smile :o)


Anonymous said...

Very nice of her!

Annie Howes said...

Aww, you are very nice, too :o)