Second verse - same as the first .......

I was going to apologize to Peter Noone for borrowing his lyrics but then realized he hadn't actually written that song, so I won't :-)

But it is the same pattern and one of the same fabrics as the last bag I made. I wanted to find something to go with the center fabric, loved the dark brown with it and really, really liked the other fabric as well. Doesn't mean I'm done yet - I found yet another fabric that goes well with the center and outside one and I will try that one, too. But I really, really love this bag. It's mine! I think I'll testwear it later today.

I'm also uploading a new Jerry picture. He follows me wherever I go and always, always comes along when I take pictures outside. Got lucky with this one taken a couple of days ago. Today's didn't work out because he turned his head away. And who wants to see pictures of Jerry's backside? :-)

Those will be the last pictures I will be able to take outdoors for a while. We're expecting our first real rainstorm of the season tonight and it's expected to last off and on through Tuesday. Most of the rain should fall on Saturday. Not a big deal for me. I will be learning to etch on copper in Berkeley.

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Marilee said...

Jerry looks so cute! Now he needs to eat and stop vomiting!