Friday morning rant

No, this will not be a regular feature.

1. Stop signs really are for everybody, not just the people who feel like stopping.

2. If you try on shoes in a store, put them back into the correct box. It's no fun having to go through every box trying to find a size 7. The same goes for clothes - put 'em back on the correct hanger.
And stop buying all the 7's before I have a chance to try them on.
Hint to store: buy more of the sizes that sell out first. Bigger profits, you know?

3. Even you, who are totally pc and environmentally concious, drive a Mercedes or other luxury car, drip with diamonds while wearing yoga pants and other fancy exercise gear, should really put the shopping cart into the cart corral and not leave it in the middle of the parking lot. The world doesn't owe you and we don't exist to serve you. And, besides, those extra steps count as exercise.

4. That law about not using cell phones while driving applies to everybody. Really. Those hands free devices do work and, besides, are you really that important that you have to be wired for sound 24/7?

5. If you're passive-aggressive, don't take it out on me. It's not funny following you down the road way below speed limit only to see you speed up at the light so that you can go through while I'm stuck through another cycle. Get therapy, pound sand, talk back to your spouse or whoever ticked you off.

6. Note to Post Office. If you promise to call me back about a lost/missing package, do so. Don't update your website from "processed in Oakland on 18 September" to "processed and left Oakland on 18 September." Oakland is an hour down the road. It should have gotten here by now. Bad Post Office!

7. Note to little dog: when your girlfriend comes over, don't wet your pants (or pee on the floor). Girls are not impressed by guys who can't hold their liquor or have bladder control problems.


Anonymous said...

Agreed with all, but where I live, people leave carts in the handicapped spots because it doesn't inconvenience them.

(me again)

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Same people, different location!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but my van has steel bumpers. I'm always tempted to smush the cart, but that wouldn't be nice to the store, who aren't at fault. (Does German use the singular for companies, like the UK? So that would have been "who isn't at fault"?)

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Yes, we use the singular. Didn't even realize that there's a difference between "English" and "American." I mix 'em.

Anonymous said...

I've read lots of posts from UKans and noticed that. It does make more sense, even here in the US, since the Supreme Court settled a case by saying companies should be treated as individuals.

There's a lot of differences between US English and UK English.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

I've noticed that :-) Quite comical on occasion.