The pictures are up!

There was a professional photographer at the walk on Saturday and she posted the pictures she took today:


Our team is on pages 4 (last 3 pictures) and 5 (first 2). I'm the one in the blue Tshirt in the front row, my husband is on my left. My facebook friend and her family are to my right - that's her mom right next to me. And in the front is Casey's dad with Igor, a very well-behaved dog.

Added 2 days later: the pictures of our team are now on page 15.


Anonymous said...

I think she's added/rearranged pages. :) On page 2 is a picture of a girl and dog with the girl carrying one of the Henry posters.

(Marilee -- blogger isn't taking my LJ ID today for some reason.)

Henrysmomsmusings said...

You are absolutely right - she did re-arrange the pictures. We are now on page 15.

Anonymous said...

Yes, much more like your description! A good lot of teens in your group!

Henrysmomsmusings said...

All friends and schoolmates of Casey's. I was quite impressed.