Occupational therapy

After the good news on Friday, I was feeling strangely deflated. I hadn't expected the vote just yet. It wasn't scheduled until 2 weeks from Friday. But I can understand why it was moved up. One of the reasons could well be the media circus that would have been on the 24th. Of course, it's not done yet, the money has to be found somehow and that could be a stumbling block. I guess that's where we - the BRF - come in. So, I still have a "job." :-)
Anyway, I set up the sewing machine and dug out a half-finished bag and worked on it this morning. I am very pleased with the result. My first time trying darts and pleats for shaping and I really like it. This is a pattern I bought on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=67285 - it's not up right now, apparently, she sold out).

I'm used to bigger bags - most of my others are (quite a bit) bigger, so I'm going to play with it a big next - slightly longer and maybe a bit wider. But I really like the way this bag "wears."

Watch for the previously mentioned "giveaway" later this week. I have to decide exactly on what to give away :-) Drawing will be on the 17th - the 9 month anniversary of this blog.


abeadlady said...

Love the blue bag, Doris. Is it reversible or are there two bags? You have been a busy girl.


Anonymous said...

I like that bag -- not everybody needs to carry their house in them! You might want to have a couple of sizes if you sell them.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Arline, It's one bag, but because of the light conditions it looks like it's much lighter in the first picture. It could be made reversible, you've just given me an idea here.

Henrysmomsmusings said...

Marilee, you're right. Although, I seem to like my bags big enough to carry the kitchen sink in.