31 jumped from the GGB in 2009

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Ken Holmes released the numbers for 2009: 31; of those 20 bodies were recovered; 9 suicides without a body but witnesses (and I really don't envy those poor people); and 2 disappearances with evidence of suicide (such as a note or personal possessions left behind).

Too many!

And, yes, I do have an endless supply of pictures of that bridge.


Beady Zoo said...

Too many! still!

Can't wait to see what progress is made in 2010 -- hope it is tangible progress, and not more, endless, waiting.

Interesting ideas on presenting the "whose shoes" exhibit in other ways, venues.

Hugs ~

abeadlady said...

31 too many! Hopefully something will get done this year.

Anonymous said...

It shows up in TV shows, too. That bridge needs a safety net!