The EIR is ready - finally

Here's a link to the final Environmental Impact Report from the Golden Gate Bridge Authority. Long, interesting (at least, the bits I've skimmed so far) and it comes to the conclusion that the 4 ft. rail isn't enough to deter people from jumping to their deaths. And it also concludes that the non-physical deterrents (crisis telephones and patrols) aren't enough, either.
Hmmm, took you guys a while to come to that conclusion, huh? And took a lot of money, too. How about doing something about it now?

I really wanted to write about my scarf making "frenzy" but there isn't enough time. The rain finally stopped and I really have to run errands. So, no time to takes pictures. Soon .....


Anonymous said...

It's fine to put out the findings, but now they have to do the right thing.

abeadlady said...

Well, Duhhhhhh! Like we didn't know all that already. Hope they come up with a solution soon.