Happy Birthday to Me

We interrupt the originally scheduled bathroom cleaning session to bring you the following pictures:

My birthday was 3 days ago, but the presents are still rolling in - I could get used to this.
On Monday, I received a beautiful shawl my daughter knit for me and two bags I'd bought on etsy, yesterday came things I bought off ebay from South Korea, and today I received a huge package from my B4B buddy. I have no idea who gifted me this year, but I am thrilled to bits about all the treasures I received. Thank you so much, whoever you are.


mjlayman said...

Wow, cool stuff! And there's Jerry! I had to order another Mr. Gator because the current one was disemboweled, and it came today. Loki sniffed at it and then drooled on it!

Beady Zoo said...

What lovely wrapping paper, and fun B4B gifts inside! And how nice of Jerry to announce the arrival and guard the package once you had it safely inside. I think birthdays should be celebrated over a week or two instead of just one day -- hope your celebrations continue for a bit!