Thank you

Thank you to my faithful readers, you know who you are, the ones who read and leave comments. I'm not very good at responding to comments; not sure what the blog etiquette is there.
But I have to respond the the latest ones and I'm doing it with a new post.
I don't know if you all realize how much it means to me to have you in my life. You have all been so supportive and you've born with me when I went on and on with things I had to get out of my system.
There have been many people who came into my life in May 2007. They all helped, some so much I would have been utterly lost without them. I am grateful to all of them. Just about all of those people have disappeared from my life again and I'm okay with that. There are undoubtedly other people who need their help.
I am glad you all understood what I was trying to say (I suck with words, really. Never could write a decent essay in school.) and I appreciate your insights and your input.
I truly am trying to move on. Not sure how and where, we'll see. And I'm sure I'll write about it.
I was a bit reluctant to write the previous post, it was/is so personal but it seemed necessary. I often compose things in my head while driving. Yes, I'm careful and pay attention to other cars if not necessarily to where I am going. That's probably how I almost ended up in Novato when I was actually intending to drive to Petaluma a few weeks ago. Caught myself before I actually drove all the way to Novato but it was quite a detour. Oops.
Thank you!


Beady Zoo said...

Doris, thank you for sharing. I think the world would be better if more people shared what they were thinking and/or feeling. As far as blog etiquette or rules, my feeling is that it needs to be want you want it to be -- if you want to respond to comments publicly, you can in another comment or post. Or if you want to respond privately, you can send an e-mail.

I'm happy to have been able to "meet you" and get to know you through your blog and various forums. And I think your words are just fine -- after all, we understood ;-)

I also "brain-write" while driving -- it's got to be better than talking on the cell phone while driving! At least you get your compositions posted to your blog -- mine haven't made it past my fingertips yet. Laughing with you about the detour to Petaluma, as I missed the freeway exit to our home twice in one trip last week, LOL.

Hang in there -- we'll keep reading. Beady hugs,
Kathy B

abeadlady said...

You are family, Dearheart. We will always be here to listen when you need us. As for your blog, It is always interesting and informative. Many times it is about things we "need" to know and many times it is about things we like to hear about. Respond in any way that is right for you.