Back to the Headlands again

Battery Construction 129, never given a name because by the time construction was completed after 2 years and the guns had been delivered, it was decided that the Japanese weren't going to attack here after all and the whole thing was abandoned.

Pictures taken around Point Bonita lighthouse. We didn't actually get to visit the lighthouse because it's only open for 3 hours in the afternoon from Saturday to Monday and we were too early, but we still enjoyed the hike.
This is an abandoned Lifesaving Station below Point Bonita. It was abandoned in 1940 when more efficient methods were employed.

Battery Wallace from across the hill.

The house I'd like to live in and, in the last picture, Rodeo Beach from far across the Headlands.


Beady Zoo said...

Wow! what a great day for a hike! and are those really narcissus already?!

I like "your" house -- spectacular setting. It would make a great retreat house (bead retreat, PMC retreat, quilting retreat).

Thanks again for taking me back to some favorite places.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that they just left the battery instead of reusing parts of it.