Ms L went to the flea market ............

...... on a cold morning in January and saw interesting people

the fireman wannaba

the man in overalls

the dedicated shopper,

the soon to be homeless husband because as he was pulling his new treasure out the gate, one of his daughters was overheard saying, "I can't believe you bought that, Dad."

Lunch was sausage - finally. Our favorite sausage place wasn't there last time we went.

I resisted the mini donuts, even though they looked absolutely delicious.

Unfortunately, my favorite vendor who sells vintage fabric wasn't there, but I did find a few treasures. All in all, a good visit and it did warm up and the sun came out and I didn't have to dress like Nanook of the not so far North.

And if you're my friend on FB, you'll have seen all of the above and I apologize for repeating myself. Even though it's my birthday, I'm not old enough just yet to say or do the same thing repeatedly, but I'm getting there.
And I also apologize for the wonky lay-out. Blogger is giving me fits and I now remember one of the reasons why I haven't blogged for so long. Sorry!


mjlayman said...

We see a fair amount of guys in overalls around here -- we still have arable fields inside the city limits (not many, as development comes, but some).

Sausage, that sounds great!

Beady Zoo said...

... love your "went to the market" story. And, what was 'he who may soon be homeless' thinking? although that mini suit of armor is definitely something my DH would purchase, if given the chance.

But, HOW did you resist mini-donuts? You must some strong will power, LOL.