The good, the bad and the ugly/interesting

And you get to decide which is which.
After much pondering, we have decided to celebrate Henry's 21st birthday this Sunday by having his favorite food: pepperoni pizza, no green stuff. Actually, we'll be having pizza at least twice between now and then. It seems like a good way to remember him. I started a group on FB and asked people who knew him or know me to do the same.
Jerry, the little Shih Tzu, or, as he is known these days: the little sausage, may well have food allergies. His previous vet had diagnosed him with a skin fungus and given me a special shampoo to be used twice a week (and it needed to soak in for 10 minutes, major hassle) which didn't seem to do its job. He still itches, scratches, licks too much for my taste. So, when the old vet closed up shop and I had to find a new one, I used this as a reason to get to know him. No, he doesn't have skin fungus but quite likely a food allergy. So, it's the food elimination diet for him; nothing but a protein he has never had before and no corn, grain or whatever so many dogs are allergic to (and from what I've read on the web, it's kind of questionable whether that many dogs actually have food allergies). Nevermind, whatever, we'll try it. In addition, I'm supposed to give him Benadryl for the itching and nothing besides the special food. No more treats, no more sharing my breakfast etc. etc. I can see Jerry being very disappointed about all that. He has this way of looking at me with those big brown eyes that just makes me do whatever he wants. Well, no more. He also needs to loose 2 lbs. because there's a chance he'll develop disk problems if he doesn't.
After careful consideration, I decided to not post the ugly/interesting bit. I'd be happy to talk about it, just not for the whole world to see. :-)


abeadlady said...

Hope Jerry's itchies go away soon.

Beady Zoo said...

I'm can't wait to have pizza tomorrow -- I think it's a great way to celebrate Henry's birthday.

Poor Jerry. One thing I do is to save a few bites of the dry food to use as treats, so you can give a treat but the dog isn't overeating or eating something they shouldn't. Good luck with this process.

And the ugly/interesting? You can e-mail me if you want to share ;-)