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Quite a while ago, when the sewn stuff started to multiply rapidly, I decided that selling on etsy might be a good idea. Life got in the way and I kept putting it off. On top of that, I always wonder if anybody really would want to buy anything I make and be happy with their purchase.
So, now I'm working on that etsy shop again. It has a banner (courtesy of my daughter), I worked on policy this morning, on writing descriptions, tried to figure out postage cost and took pictures. As usual, I went outside for that and, as happens a little too often for my taste, I wasn't happy with the pictures. The colors were off and no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get them right.
Then I remembered a tutorial I had seen somewhere for a cheap, homemade lightbox. Not having a big enough box handy, I just jammed a large sheet of posterboard under my coffee table, set up two lamps and clicked away. That, with a bit of enhancement, gave a pretty true color. I think I can live with the pictures. Now to work on the rest of it ...........

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Anonymous said...

I'd certainly be interested! I might want something custom for all my doctor visits. Things to carry stuff in tend to be too big or too small and the wrong shape.