Sunday, Part I

Kate is visiting this weekend, multi-purpose. For one, she had her last eye check up after having had Lasik surgery several months ago - everything's fine. And secondly, she wanted to show us her brand new engagement ring. Yes, she's getting married next summer - in Colorado.

This morning, we took yet another trip to the beach. Rodeo Beach is new to her. I have them all well trained by now - everybody was looking for rocks with holes in them (yes, we found some) and beach glass (yes, we found plenty of that, too).

In addition, we observed the local wildlife.


Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a lot of those little SmartCars around here, but no jellyfish.

Beady Zoo said...

Congrats to Kate, and to you! How exciting for all of you.

Love the "wildlife," including the frog. And congrats on properly training your beachcombers to find exactly what you're looking for ;-)